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2019 IT Salary Survey

This survey is completely anonymous, and we will not record any personal information. 

Please answer all the questions as accurately and honestly as possible. This will help us to provide valuable information to IT professionals. 

There are 19 questions in this survey.
This survey is anonymous.

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Employment Status
(This question is mandatory)
What is your current employment status?
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Are you an IT executive, IT manager, or IT professional?
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How old are you?
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What is you race?
Which of the following fields describes your current position the best?
What is your highest qualification?
In which field of study did you do your main qualification?
How many years relevant IT experience do you have?
Salary Information
What is your current monthly salary (gross monthly salary before deductions), in rand?
What was your total annual salary last year, including bonuses (gross annual salary package before deductions), in rand?
Did you receive a salary increase this year?
What percentage salary increase did you receive?
Did you receive a bonus last year?
How happy are you in your current job, where 1 = very unhappy, and 10 = extremely happy?
Are you currently looking for another job?
What is the most important factor which influences your happiness at work? 
What would best describe your salary?
Are you planning to leave South Africa permanently, or work abroad, in the near future?
Why do you want to leave South Africa?